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Robert Horry ponders retirement

The AP reports: “Big Shot Rob” might be done breaking hearts. San Antonio Spurs forward Robert Horry said Saturday he’s considering stepping away from the game after winning seven NBA championships in a 16-season career. “Right now I’m up in the air,” Horry said. “That’s all I can really tell you, up in the air. I want to play, 80 percent of me wants to play and I’m sure as soon as I get in the gym and see people bouncing the ball it would turn into 100 percent. So we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

DerMarr Johnson charged with DWI

The San Antonio Express-News (Brian Chasnoff) reports: Spurs forward guard DerMarr Johnson has been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, according to officials at the city’s magistrate and detention center. Johnson, 28, posted $1,000 bond and was released this morning. says: DerMarr, even though you’re one of the lesser-paid NBA players, you still make more than enough cash to just take a damn taxi if you aren’t fit to drive the car yourself. You’re putting other people’s lives at risk by doing this, not to mention your own. Don’t be stupid again. And to people out there who can’t afford a taxi or live in a place where it’s hard to get one, then sleep in your car and drive in the morning.

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