Josh Howard has obviously made a few errors off the court, but on the court he’s still a very good player. Though I don’t really think of him as an All-Star type player. Or a real star. More like a star role player. I think if J-Ho is your second best player, winning a championship is possible but it’ll be tough. But, assuming the rest of the team is in proper order, if he’s your third best you have a fantastic shot at a title, and if he’s your 4th best then you’re getting the trophy. Anyway, here’s the commentary:

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Jan Hubbard) reports: The infamous radio interview when he admitted smoking marijuana, the ill-advised birthday party after the Mavericks lost three of their first four playoff games to New Orleans, and the recent attempt to emulate a NASCAR driver, which resulted in an arrest for going 94 mph in a 55-mph speed zone, are lamentable decisions on Howard’s part. But the conclusion reached by way too many people is that exercising questionable judgment in his personal life translates to a decline in ability on the basketball court, and that is ridiculous. Howard had the best season of his five-year career in 2007-08. His averages of 19.9 points, seven rebounds and 2.2 assists were career highs. In the first two months of the season, he was so good that Dirk Nowitzki willingly deferred to him.