Jason Kidd to re-sign with Dallas Mavericks

Free agent point guard Jason Kidd will re-sign with the Dallas Mavericks, according to several ESPN reporters.

The deal will reportedly be for three years and in the neighborhood of $25 million.

The NBA’s free agent negotiation period began Wednesday, July 1. Players can sign contracts beginning Wednesday, July 8.

Kidd, who turned 36 in March, averaged just 9.0 points per game last season, the lowest of his entire NBA career. He shot 41.6%, slightly above his career average. Kidd has been shooting very well from three-point range in the two seasons he’s been on the Mavericks.

Last season he also averaged 6.2 rebounds and 8.7 assists per game.

Kidd has shown his age in the past year or two, especially on the defensive end, and should continue to slow down next season.  It’s surprising to me that the Mavericks will keep him for three years. I thought if they were going to re-sign him it would be for perhaps one year, two at the most.

Former Maverick Devin Harris, traded to the Nets for Kidd, has done very well in New Jersey, though the Nets offense really centered almost entirely around the young, scoring point guard, so his stats were slightly inflated. But still, while Harris looks like he will flirt with making the NBA All-Star team for years to come, Kidd’s career is wrapping up.