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David Stern proclaimed officially Friday there is no longer a chance of squeezing in an 82-game schedule with a Dec. 1 starting date. However, multiple sources predict a 78-game slate will be staged if the sides compromise on the revenue split by next weekend. The final schedule has to be an even number, sources said.

“Anything is possible,” one union source said. “If the handshake is a week later, it’s a week less of games.”

As The Post reported earlier this month, the schedule does not pick up where it leaves off on the original document. Several contingency schedules have been compiled by NBA schedule-maker Matt Winick, pending the season’s starting date. The schedule is made from scratch, pending the availability of arenas. Many dates are the same, but opponents have changed. Any lost games for the Knicks would be West Coast opponents, according to sources.

– Reported by Marc Berman of the New York Post

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Phil Jackson

The Chicago Bulls finished 62-20 to secure the No. 1 seed in the NBA last season, advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals and Derrick Rose became the Bulls’ first league MVP since Michael Jordan played for Phil Jackson in the 1990’s.

What does all of this mean to Jackson?

“I think they overachieved last year as far as record and how they got to the spots they got to in the playoffs,” said the former NBA coach on ‘The Waddle & Silvy Show’ Thursday.

He commented that Bulls need to help Rose and “They just can’t be one-dimensional in that regard. They have to have those complementary pieces to assist Rose in his game.”

The Bulls struggled with the Indiana Pacers and the Atlanta Hawks and if it weren’t for Rose would they have honestly made it as far as they did? Were they overrated?

– Reported by CSN Chicago

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