Tom Thibodeau

With the draft completed, the Bulls will shift their focus to the next big issues on their docket.

Free agency opens Sunday. And while Tom Thibodeau’s contract extension talks have been ongoing for awhile, significant work remains, according to sources with knowledge of the discussions.

While one source warned the lack of a deal is typical for this stage of negotiations, it’s impossible not to see parallels with the Scott Skiles’ situation from June 2005. Thibodeau’s option for 2012-13 has been picked up. However, after progress on an extension preceding last season, the two sides lately have stalled on contract length and value.

Currently hurting Thibodeau is the fact the big-money era for NBA coaches has calmed a bit and the Bulls remain feeling a bit burned after signing Skiles to a three-year, $13.25 million extension, which came on top of his option being exercised.

– Reported by K.C. Johnson of theĀ Chicago Tribune