Change in NBA All-Star balloting irks Dwight Howard

With more and more NBA teams playing with smaller line-ups and quality centers diminishing, the NBA decided to eliminate the center position from the All-Star ballots. The  league will instead allow fans to vote for three “front court players” and no designated centers.

For players such as Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum and Andrew Bogut and Marc Gasol, it means the will be competing with forwards such as Pau Gasol, Kevin Durant and Kevin Love for an All-Star nod. That doesn’t sit well with Howard.

“I don’t like it at all,” Howard said earlier this week. “We work just as hard as anybody else. I don’t think it’s fair to take away a position that’s been here for life. You need a center on the court. So I don’t think it’s right. That’s like taking away a guard.” – Reported by Janis Carr of the Orange County Register