Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic reports (via blog):

It did not take some Slovenian smack talk to tell Goran Dragic that he and Sasha Vujacic inexplicably have something going.

Before this conference finals series started, Dragic said there was something “personal” between the countrymen who did not know each other until the first Suns-Lakers game last season in Dragic’s rookie year.

But the tension was clear in Game 5’s fourth quarter, when Vujacic marched toward Dragic on a dead ball and Dragic shoved him away for a double technical foul. It was Dragic’s first NBA technical foul.

“He pushed me but he was talking trash to me,” Dragic said. “It’s a long story. At that moment, I was calm but I saw that he was walking toward me and he was talking to me and I just reacted like that.

“I don’t know why he walked toward me. I watched the replay. I didn’t push him or nothing. He’s the kind of player that gets into your skin, like two years ago it happened with Raja (Bell) the same. He’s just so annoying on defense. Maybe that’s the main reason. In the regular season, he did the same thing but I was more calm. But that’s playoffs.”