Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reports:

Aug 03, 2010 - Shanghai, China - Chinese NBA star YAO MING attends a promotional event for an earphone brand in Shanghai.

Rockets center Yao Ming said Friday he does not know if he will be ready for the first preseason game against Orlando on Oct. 5, but thinks his chances are good.

“When I was playing some scrimmage with some of the teammates in the last two weeks, I can’t say it (his surgically repaired left foot) is as good as the original one, the one on the right, but it feels as good as can be running on the court,” Yao said. “The foot limits me a little bit. I still have time to get it better before the regular season starts.

“I have not played a real game, even an exhibition game. I don’t know how it will react. Hopefully, we can learn as soon as possible.”