Q: If you can separate the playoff chase from this question, just tell me about the move to Houston. How do you grade it so far?

marcus camby

Marcus Camby: “It’s been great being back home. Portland was eliminated last night (Tuesday) and they’re getting hammered tonight (Wednesday), so being traded here, just being in a situation to actually compete for the playoffs is great. With me being a free agent [in the summer] and the Rockets looking for a big man in the middle, I hope we can get something done in the summer. I want to stay.”

“I actually built a house from scratch in Houston like five years ago with the intentions of finishing my career down there. So it’s crazy how things play out. From the coaches and from management and my meetings I’ve had with them, I think they enjoy what I’ve been doing with my play and my leadership. I know from talking to my representative that there’s going to be a lot of suitors at the end of the season, but this is where I want to be. It’s something we’ll definitely address at the end of the season.”

Q: Do you have it in your head how much longer you want to play?

Camby: “I want to play 20 [seasons]. That’s the goal. That’s the magic number. I’m at 16 now, so we’ll see.”

– Reported by Marc Stein of ESPN.com