Eddy Curry frustrated by lack of minutes

Eddy Curry frustrated by lack of minutes

New York Knicks center Eddy Curry has had a rough time over the last few seasons, playing just 59 games in 2007-08, a mere three in 2008-09, and just seven this season. He also became a big fatso, before slimming down recently.

But despite getting into relatively decent shape, Curry still sits on the bench twiddling his thumbs. And apparently he’s getting frustrated.

Marc Berman of the New York Post reports:

Curry made a point to say he’s spoken with Donnie Walsh but not D’Antoni. In fact, Curry refused to use D’Antoni’s name.

“It’s frustrating, because I worked so hard to get back and to be ready to go and now it’s just like go every game trying to figure out if I’m going to play or not, sitting over there waiting to see what’s going to happen,” Curry said. “It’s tough to deal with, especially at this stage of my career, at this age. I ain’t that old, but I’ve been here for a while.”

The Knicks have played well recently and as long as that continues it’s possible both Curry and Nate Robinson will see little time on the court.

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3 thoughts on “Eddy Curry frustrated by lack of minutes”

  1. Eddy Curry had one good season with coach I. Thomas and then fell off the map because poor work habits and emotional issues. I feel for his loss and I can’t imagine the pain he must feel everyday as he reflects about his daughter. But in this world if your gonna suit up for the job, you have to handle your business or move on. Eddy is close to getting the boot…

    “Real Talk” many of these professional athletes wouldn’t survive in the real world because they lack social skills, work ethic and have been spoiled beyond comprehension. Its like once they get in the money they bugout like somebody owes them something. Eddy Curry would be unemployed, laid off, fired, blackballed if this was a real job. Eddy stop crying and earn your spot back… Just because your the biggest cat on the team doesn’t mean you should be on the floor. What are you gonna do next? Run on the court and take your ball home because you didn’t get picked to run. I feel another Nate Robinson situation coming on… Eddy Curry… as one of the truest Knick fans around, I like your game when your not crying, and I thought you should have made the All-Star game the year you avg 18+, but I want you to listen up and most all grow up… In this big city we really don’t need you. So stop crying and man-up!

  2. Man Rudy…you certainly believe every stereotype don’t you? A pro athlete that doesn’t have social skills and work ethic? Are you kidding me?! They have worked harder than anything you probably have worked for your entire life. Try doing what they do in one pre-season practice, then talk on work ethic…Keep your head up Eddy and keep working hard…I am not one who gives up on guys just because things don’t work out the way stupid fans think they should…

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