Mo Williams role change

George M.Thomas of the Akron Beacon Journal reports:

Mo Williams role change

With the addition of forward Antawn Jamison, Mo Williams no longer has to shoulder as much of the scoring burden and can focus on running the Cavs’ offense. Although it’s taken some time, Jamison continues to get better and more comfortable in his offensive role.

It’s not just Jamison changing Williams’ role. There’s LeBron James, of course, and J.J. Hickson who is getting more consistent as a scorer and showing more versatility and confidence. When center Shaquille O’Neal, who had begun to assert himself more offensively in Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ absence, returns from his injury, the number of scoring opportunities might further decrease.

”Obviously he’s a terrific scorer,” Cavs coach Mike Brown said of Williams. ”He’s shown that he can score the basketball a lot of different ways, and he’s done that in the past.

”With the addition of Antawn and LeBron being who he is, with all those different types of options we have, Mo is just trying to find his spot within the team.”

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