Steve Nash discusses new job as Nets head coach

New Nets coach Steve Nash really, really knows how to play basketball. But he’ll be learning coaching on the job. Here’s the New York Daily News:

Not even Steve Nash expects himself to be a tactical expert on the sideline. As the head coaching job has evolved in the NBA over the years — from essentially strict principal to guidance counselor — Nash said he’s focusing on his strengths of relationships and culture, which was why the Nets hired him for a championship run despite zero coaching experience.

“I wasn’t hired to come in and be a tactical wizard,” Nash said in JJ Redick’s “The Old Man and the Three” podcast. “I think they understand that my acumen for the game is strong and I can catch up on any of the tactical aspects. I think they hired me because of my experience, the personality to work with these guys and help them grow and reach their potential and bring it all together. I can’t lose sight of that.

“I can’t come in and start being Mr. X’s and O’s, and lose sight of the fact that of course I want to be strong in all departments, but I have to lead with my understanding of group dynamics, leading, having gone through the experience that these guys have gone through. I’ve been there… I got to lead with why I was brought here and what they saw in me and catch up in other departments.”

After observing Nash both on and off the court for a long time, it seems he definitely has potential to be a natural on the sideline. And he’s joining a talent-filled team that is built around proven stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, up-and-coming star Caris LeVert, and a very capable supporting cast.

It’ll be fun to watch unfold.

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