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Pistons will sign Antonio McDyess

The Boston Globe (Marc Spears) reports: As expected, free agent Antonio McDyess has decided to return back to the Detroit Pistons, according to his agent Andy Miller tonight… The Celtics were among 18 teams that were interested in the 2001 NBA All-Star and president Danny Ainge made calls to Miller and McDyess. Indications from the beginning, however, were that McDyess would return to Detroit although he can’t officially sign until Dec. 7.

24 is on tonight

For all you fans of the Fox show 24, there’s a two-hour 24 “event” called “Redemption” on tonight at 8 p.m.

When I first heard about it, I assumed that the new season was finally starting. It’s been what, two years now? But it appears that “Redemption” is just a special and not the start of anything.

I have no idea if 24 is actually having a new season or not anytime soon, or ever. It’s one of the only shows I kept up with over these last few years. If anyone knows the deal, email me at editor at insidehoops dot com.

Zach Randolph OK with trade

Former Knick Zach Randolph is now with the Clippers. Although Randolph was mentioned in NBA trade rumors fairly regularly, it’s still often a shock when a deal actually happens. But he seems cool with it. The Newark Star-Ledger (Dave D’Alessandro) reports:

Zach Randolph was upbeat about the trade and understood the Knicks did it to clear salary-cap space for the 2010 free-agent class. But he said that, even before he was traded, the Knicks players had the sense that the team is more focused on the future than the present. “Yeah, definitely,” he said. “They’re looking for 2010. That’s why they did it, that was their goal. I wish the best of luck for them. The organization has been great, Donnie (Walsh) and coach (Mike) D’Antoni have been great and all the players have been great.” Randolph, who was the Knicks’ leading scorer and rebounder with 20.5 points and 12.5 boards per game, didn’t want to comment on the conflict between Stephon Marbury and D’Antoni on Friday night, when the guard allegedly refused to play.

This deal also means it’s worth watching the next few Clippers games, to see how Baron Davis continues to adjust to his new teammates, and how the Clippers handle having Randolph, Chris Kaman and Marcus Camby on the roster together. Who starts, who sits? Randolph absolutely can’t pretend to be a small forward, because whoever he guards at the position would go right past him. It’ll be an interesting frontcourt to watch, at least for the next few days as they sort things out.

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