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Bucks schedule highlights
The 2007-08 NBA schedule was released today, which means that it’s officially acceptable to start getting hyped about the upcoming season (which is now only 90 days away!). Here are some of the obvious highlights:
Wed Oct 31 – Opening night against the new Magic duo of Dwight Howard and ‘Shard Lewis
Sat Nov […]

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Hottest news off the press right now is the “imminent” trade that will send Kevin Garnett to Boston for Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, and other spare parts. Garnett’s probably warmed up to playing for Boston knowing he’d team up with both the Truth and Ray Allen in the “Leastern” Conference. If the trade […]

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It’s being reported (by the Racine Journal Times) that the Bucks may be close to signing Desmond Mason again. Which leads to the question: what does this mean for Yi Jianlian?
With the re-signing of Mo Williams, the Bucks could have a core roster featuring Michael Redd, Mo Williams, Andrew Bogut, Charlie Villanueva, and Desmond Mason. […]

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So Mo Williams spent a day getting wined and dined by Pat Riley down in sunny Florida, and we’re left to worry that he will bolt for income tax-free, Dwyane Wade-inhabited Miami. After Wisconsin’s 6.75% income taxes reduce Mo’s reported 5 year $40 million contract offer to $37.3 million, Miami’s full mid-level exception offer […]

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Yi Jianlian may diss the Bucks

Yi Jianlian, who, via his handlers, made it clear he had no interest in being drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks, was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks. So the team took a chance on him changing his mind and embracing the city and team. But so far Bucks management has been unable to even get in […]

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