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March 16, 2019
1:00 a.m. ET


The NBA season used to run from late October through mid April. But as of a year ago, the regular season begins a few weeks earlier -- in mid October, around October 15, give or take a few days.

The NBA scores page is generally updated once a day. That page tells you the final game score results, and the leading scorers, rebounders and assist-makers in each game.

The NBA stats page is a section, with key info about each team's scoring and more, plus rankings showing you each team's strengths and weaknesses, plus individual player info.

The NBA standings page shows each team's wins and win percentage, plus losses, streaks and more. For new basketball fans who don't even know which teams are good, that's the easiest way to quickly find out which teams are doing the most important thing teams can do, which is to win NBA basketball games.

The NBA video clips page is updated around once a day and shows the best plays from the previous night, plus other cool features like best dunks, hottest passes and more.

Fantasy basketball is something fans play for fun. And sometimes for more than fun (specifically, money, or other prizes). It's been around for a long time, but with betting becoming increasingly legalized, many more for-profit fantasy games will emerge in the coming years.

The NBA free agents list is key. It shows you the best NBA players who aren't actually signed to a team. The main time to care about that is during the offseason, but during the regular season there are often some pretty good players in need of a job. Their names can be found on that list.

NBA players make a ton of money. For specifics, see the NBA salaries page. Yes, becoming an NBA player is a dream job.

The path for most good young players to enter the NBA is through the
NBA Draft. The event takes place on a single day in late June (the exact date changes each year, but generally it's June 20-something.) One good way to keep up with a general overview of what that next draft may look like, especially in regard to the best players entering the draft, is using our NBA mock draft.

The most exact way to "rank" teams is by their win-loss record. But sometimes a team's record can be slightly deceptive. Expert opinion can separate teams that have similar records. A fun way to follow that is via the NBA power rankings page.

And last but definitely not least, one of the most popular NBA basketball website pages in the history of the Internet is our NBA rumors page. Updated almost every day for the past 19 years, the page has more than what that title suggests. Some news, some interesting notes, and more. is your home for the web's best NBA basketball coverage.