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Hottest news off the press right now is the “imminent” trade that will send Kevin Garnett to Boston for Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, and other spare parts. Garnett’s probably warmed up to playing for Boston knowing he’d team up with both the Truth and Ray Allen in the “Leastern” Conference. If the trade […]

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After the recent acquisition of Zach Randolph, the New York Knicks now possess two of the most dominant low post scorers in the Eastern Conference. After the recent drafting of Joakim Noah, the Chicago Bulls now possess three of the best defensive, energized rebounding big men in the Eastern Conference. It almost seems […]

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There is currently reason for the New York Knicks’ (eternally suffering) faithful to be excited. They recently acquired Zach Randolph, a man who NBA Wise Man Malik Rose believes should be the best power forward in the East. And yes, in doing so, they even unloaded Steve Francis and his lotto jackpot-sized contract […]

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By editor Jeff Lenchiner
Only Knicks fans and arena enthusiasts will care about this — and I have no idea if there is such a thing as an ”arena enthusiast” but I’m sure at least one exists out there — but Madison Square Garden, home to the Knicks, the WNBA’s Liberty and the St. Johns […]

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By Marcus Henry

The media and fan reaction to the idea of Ron Artest coming to the Knicks has been mixed. He’s a problem child who has had his share of on and off-the-court troubles. But has that ever stopped a team before; of course not. A player of Artest’s ability doesn’t come around very […]

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Both guys can score down low, and Raldolph can rebound, but neither guy is a good passer, or good at moving without the ball, and they aren’t good defenders, either. Isiah Thomas loves adding flawed, highly-paid players to the team.

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