Monta Ellis admits he lied about injury

Monta Ellis couldn’t handle the truth. Or, to be more accurate, he reportedly couldn’t handle telling the Warriors the truth about how he hurt his ankle. I’m assuming he did it while doing something that his contract forbids. That’s the only logical reason to not be honest about it. Here’s the Contra Costa Times (Marcus Thompson II):

The Contra Costa Times has learned that Ellis has admitted to the Warriors that he wasn’t truthful about how he hurt his ankle, and the two sides are in talks about how to put the situation behind them. According to a team source, the Warriors now know that Ellis’ ankle injury _ which was repaired during surgery on Aug. 27 _ was not sustained “in a gym,” and “it happened out doors and not while playing basketball.” The source did not reveal what Ellis told Warriors management he was doing when he got hurt, only that he “was scared to tell the truth at first,” but eventually did.

If he did violate his contract, Golden State could terminate it, but unless he suddenly turns out to be totally insane, it’s highly unlikely. Chances are, Ellis will say he’s sorry, the Warriors will fine him, and that’ll pretty much be the end of it.

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