Bynum and D-Howard meet Saturday

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard is a big, strong, super-athletic center who rebounds, blocks shots, and dunks on people’s heads.

Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum is also very big, but every aspect of the rest of his game, as well as his physical tools, are still in development.

The two giants go at each other tonight. The Los Angeles Times (Broderick Turner) reports:

“It’s going to be tough,” Bynum said. “You’re going have to keep him as far away from the basket as you can and make him shoot shots. If he starts getting dunks, it’s over.” Just ask San Antonio’s Tim Duncan, whom Howard backed down low and dunked over during a game between the Spurs and Magic on Thursday. “Yeah, I saw that,” Bynum said. “That was something.” Howard is a chiseled, 6-11, 265-pounder who is a power player… “He gets up and down the court pretty fast,” Bynum said. “He’s really good at ducking in. He’s probably the best in the league that whenever he sees the ball coming toward his side at being real aggressive.”

Magic-Lakers is the best game of the night. I’ll be watching.

Well, to be exact, I’ll be recording it, while out partying. And watching in the morning.

Enjoy the action.

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