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July 2007
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Archive for July 9th, 2007

Mo or No for the Heat?

Just like his hair, Pat Riley’s business persona is slick too. Don’t view him as a hip replacement kind of guy who sits back and calls players into his office. No, at 62 years old, he’s hip and still goes after the gems.
The other night, Riles wined and dined free agent Milwaukee Bucks point guard […]

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The first game of the 2007 Pepsi Pro Summer Leage is in the book, The Indiana Pacers beat the Chicago Bulls 93-89. The game lasted two hours and 1 minute, and committing a combined 73 fouls. The rules for fouls are a little different in
Orlando than they are in the Las Vegas Summer League, a […]

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This is Woody Wommack, I’m a contributer to and I’ll be blogging live from Pepsi Pro Summer league here in Orlando, Fla. The teams participating in this years league are the Charlotte Bobcats, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, New Jersey Nets and the host team Orlando Magic. Games are just about to get […]

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Kevin Durant is my Savior

From today’s NBA rumors, Gary Washburn of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer writes that Kevin Durant refuses to refer to himself as a superstar, savior, or cornerstone.
Sorry Kevin, but even if you won’t refer to yourself as that, all of Seattle is. So accept it, deal with it, and live up to it. Your one year […]

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The Season for Cheap Talk

We’re a couple days away from players being able to sign contracts, and its time to fuel your paranoia with a nasty reminder: its all hype until you see a signed contract.  Especially with your restricted agents.
There’s always time for another team to slip in with an offer.  Just ask the Jazz.  We understand they’ve […]

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Basketball is truly a year round season. With summer league just starting, Team USA playing in August, training camp in September, and the preseason games in October, the start of the regular season seems like an eternity. But that’s not going to stop me from looking forward to next season. So I bring you […]

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What’s harder than watching Summer League basketball? Trying to take any noteworthy notes while doing it. I sit here watching a feed of the Denver Nuggets vs LA Clippers game and decide to take some notes on the game. Why? Because what’s better than random observations from a summer league game? I put it […]

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