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kshutts1 11-26-2007 05:36 PM

Trade idea I'd like you to look at
4 team deal:

Knicks get: Larry Hughes, Eric Snow -- give up Marbury : why wouldn't they want to get rid of the cancer? Getting rid of Marbury alone is addition by subtraction, Snow would be a solid defender and floor leader, and Hughes may or may not play well, but he can be bought out if you need to.

Bulls get: Ron Artest -- give up Ben Gordon, Joakim Noah : Ron Artest is a much better all-around player than Gordon, and is able to put up 20 ppg. His 20 ppg would be more beneficial to the team than Gordon's because he gets to line, drives, etc, instead of settling for contested jumpers. Losing Noah hurts, especially in the long run, but it will get more burn for Gray, who looks to have promise, and TT. Also, it was essential to get rid of more salary so that we could take on Artest.

Cavs get: Bibby -- give up Snow and Hughes : they have coveted Bibby for a while now, and this would give LBJ some more help, another guy that can create his own shot and one for his teammates, all without getting rid of too good of a player.

Kings get: Marbury, Gordon, Noah -- give up Bibby, Artest. The Kings are the team that I feel is most likely to veto this trade. They are giving up arguably two of their best players, and getting future in return. However, Gordon and Noah both have a bright future. Marbury is hard to take on, but I assume that Marbury for Artest is trading one headcase for another, so I consider the headcase aspect equal. Another potential problem I see is that they don't really have a place to play Gordon: Udrih is looking good in their system, Martin is the 2 guard... but Gordon, IMO, is best coming off the bench. Also, with Artest gone, that would leave more room for Salmons and Garcia to blossom.

I'd like to hear what everyone thinks on this. I'm going to post it in the forum of every team and see if there's any sort of consensus. Thanks

Perezident 11-26-2007 06:11 PM

Re: Trade idea I'd like you to look at
not a bad trade imo....Marbury is a cancer imo but not a bad trade in terms of value in return..

marny_navis 11-27-2007 09:52 PM

Re: Trade idea I'd like you to look at
Definitely great value, and I'm a fan of Noah, but Steph or Gordon playing 6th man? Or is there a hidden buyout I'm not aware of? Gordon'll be gone after the season, guaranteed, and Stephon will be begging to get his butt out. I think they should get a bit more balance, rather than stuffing up the guard spots.

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