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Default Mavs Summer League Update

For those who are interested here's the link to the summer league the Mavs are currently in

Ager has had a few impressive performances this summer, but several mediocre ones.

The most interesting stories for the mavs are:

Kevin Pittsnogle
Pops Mensah-Bonsu
Jose Barea

Pittsnogle has done nothing too impressive in his limited playing time, but I was excited to see his name on the roster cause I at least know who he is.

Pops has been playing very well, you can tell by his large number of fouls and at times poor shooting percentage that he, as reports say, is still fairly raw. Despite this, he has been one of the more consistant performers of the team and I haven't counted, but I feel like its safe to say he's leading the team in blocks.

Jose Barea has given me hope that the mavs might pull a new guard to replace DA out of the summer league. He appears to be a decent shooter and is averaging 6.66 assists per game in his appearances. This has been reassuring on a mavs summer league team that has been completely abysmal in this stat (although, from purely looking at the stat sheet i feel that's a result of Rawal Marshall and Ager playing in the back court together for the first few games. With them always creating their own shots, ball distribution was definitely lacking)

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