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Default Lamar Odom vs Toni Kukoc

Who do you take?
Now, Toni is obviously one of my all time favorite players and I loved everything about his game. He was the ultimate winner in Europe, did great in the NBA and to put it simply, he was a man for big games.
Incredibly intelligent, poised, clutch and you could add many more superlatives to his resume. Even though he was the 6th man for the Bulls, he was always in the game when the game was on the line.

Odom is more talented, more athletic, a better rebounder and a superior slasher but Toni has a huge advantage in playmaking, intelligence, shooting and I'd say leadership too.

Toni spent most of his NBA career playing as a 6th man for the Bulls so his stats are obviously inferior to Odom's who's never been anything less than a 2nd option on a team but when Toni was actually starting he put great stats as well, close to 19 ppg, 7 rpg, 5+ apg etc.

Stat wise, Odom wins. Intagables wise, Toni wins. Both have certain advantages over each other but I would have to pick Toni who I view as almost an ultimate intagables player, sort of like Manu today but better IMO. Odom, while more talented just doesn't have that factor and Toni's edge in playmaking, intelligence and clutch ability is too much to overlook. Then add achivements to the equation and it's a no brainer but let's compare players here, not their achivements.
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