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Originally Posted by OneWay
I'm just curious about something. KG's been pretty much completely forgotten the last 3 years because his team kept missing the playoffs.
Sure, KG put up great stats and was still the same player as ever, if not better but he was off the radar and many people started putting likes of Nash and Dirk in front of him.

However, now KG is on a great team and he"ll start winning again.

Will he get back on the radar and will people start treating him as top 5 where he undoubtably belongs?

See, what I'm talking about is this.

He's the same damn player. This season, last 3 seasons, a season before that.....he hasn't changed, he hasn't declined.

Yet he was treated like royalty 4 seasons ago while the last 3 he was pretty much a non factor to many people..

Yet...the same player. Don't you see a hypocrsy? He will get picked higher only because...he"ll be on a better team.

And just for the record, KG was always a top 5 for me. Top 3 in fact. Kobe, Duncan and KG.

Here's a thread about it from before KG got traded to the Celts.

Will he again be considered a top 5 or even the best player in the league because he"ll be on a good team?
If yes then what the hell is wrong with standards today? What are the standards? Being on the good team? And getting all the credit for winning when in fact basketball's a 5 on 5 game and there are many factors involved?
No one was able to win by himself. Not Wilt, not MJ and not KG. Hope you get the point.
and TD wasn't on anybodys top 5 before the Play offs. It was Nash Dirk Kobe Bron Wade/Gil/Melo....
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