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Default GOAT PF : Duncan or K Malone

There is a instense arguement between who was the GOAT PF, Duncan or Malone.

My pick is Duncan. The guy can score anywhere from the post, 15 footer, bank shot, hook shot, turnaround jumper. Not only that, he's an excellent post defender, help defender from the weak side, very quick picking up another man from pick and roll. He can easily score 30 ppg but his unselfishness has enables many role and ex- players to look very good (Speedy Claxton, Derek Anderson, Devin Brown).

Malone: Yes, he can score at the post, turnaround jumper , set nasty picks, etc...No need to lecture on his offensive skills. We all know that. On the defensive end, he was a very good post defender with quick hands to slap the ball away.

BUT he can't control the game like Duncan can. Duncan excels at the post season where it counts unlike Malone. That's what separates Malone and Duncan. You can argue that they played in the different era. Given the skills that Duncan had, if he had played in the 80 and 90s era, he would be much more dominate for the fact that there is no zone defense, only man-man defense. There is no way anyone would stop Duncan man-to-man other than Hakeem.

GOAT PF: Duncan > Malone
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