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Default Re: Vick agrees to plead guilty in dogfighting case

Originally Posted by Poseidon
The "Stop Snitching" ghetto code is CRAP and stupid.

In this case? Its not.

Why should Vick's friends serve more time in jail over a criminal act committed by Vick himself?

Because they were also APART OF THE CRIMINAL ACT AND ACTIVITIES. Even moreso than Vick. Heck one of the dudes after he went to plead guilty got locked up because he violated his probation after he was drug tested!!!!!!!

Smarten the f*ck up.

Just because Bond's trainer is an IDIOT and doesn't give a crap about his freedom.....doesn't mean that the next person should do the same.

Snitching is when 2 people are doing dirt and one person decides to lessen thier sentence, to get a little break they will rat out thier buddy. If you dont see a problem in this then I advise you to NEVER get yourself involved in acitivity where it has you snitching out your buddies because u want less spankings than them. Its coward shyt.

Vick and the 2 co defendants did the same thing...and the co defendants were probably involved in dog fighting/training/killing MORE. But because they gave up "Vick" the celeb name that the FEDS wanted...they get a lesser sentence?

Hmmm lets play for fun

Tom robs a bank
Mike robs a bank
Bob robs a bank

All 3 involved in a bank robbery. Tom and Bob get caught by police. They are told "you are facing 10yrs in jail unless you give up the 3rd guy with yall". Both say "Mike!" because they want lesser sentences. Now Mike gets caught and does the 10yrs while the other two do 5-7. All 3 did the crime. All 3 tried to avoid authorities getting caught. Yet 2 of the 3 get lesser sentencing.

All 3 knew robbing a bank was illegal and the consequences of getting caught = jailtime. Yet 2 of the 3 decide to be f*ck over thier friend for a couple years to get knocked off. Pathetic...especially when Vicks friend has a damn RAP SHEET. :rollingeyes:
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