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Default Kidd and Williams; The perfect 1, 2 punch.

Start Kidd in the first and let him facilitate the offense. Once the second quarter starts, throw in Williams and let him punish the opposing teams point guard.

I think the contrast is play styles between these 2 guys is perfect. Kidd has the opposing team thinking pass, and when Williams comes in the game he can attack the rim.

I only bring this up because in the Puerto Rico game Williams seemed to get to rim at will, while the opposing team seemed to think he would dish it everytime he entered the paint (like Kidd).

I love Billups, but I don't think his game is well suited for FIBA ball. Sure he can shoot 3's well, but often times he jacks up shots way too early in the shot clock, in my opinion.

Any thoughts on the PG rotation?
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