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Default Re: Why is Payton coming back?

Originally Posted by Burgz
thats a very shortsighted view though.
in the long run, stuckey would benefit from having played his rookie year under a great NBA veteran, who has done it all as a guard in the NBA. So what, it would only be a year, two tops, three if he's feelin' crazy haha. i would love to have GP come to my team, i dont see why people have to take his age and current on the court ability as the ONLY factors, because they arent...

We don't need another veteran. We need our youth to develop NOW so we have a chance at contending while Rip and Chauncey are still in their prime. Keep in mind we already have Flip Murray as the third PG.

Chauncey is going to be the veteran mentor to Rodney. He's the leader of our team and we don't need Gary Payton to come in and play the role of teacher. Payton is better off going to Boston where he can get some actual playing time and teach Rajon Rondo.

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