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Originally Posted by Patrick27
I don't think either Maxiell or Johnson can guard some of the bigger forwards in the league. Watch out for Eddie Curry/Zach Randolph, Shaq, and Dwight Howard. They should all have big games against Detroit this year.

Good thing Chicago, New Jersey, and Cleveland didn't get any serious low post presence in the offseason. If they did, we'd be in trouble. Since they didn't, we're still likely the team to beat in the East.

I'd rather see Dale Davis back than another 12th man guard...

Eddy Curry, Dwight Howard, and Shaq are all centers. Sheed and Nazr will probably be matched up against them.
But yeah Amir will have some trouble against bigger, stronger matchups but thats a problem for most young forwards. Amir's shotblocking helps offset the strength disadvantage, and his speed on the other end makes him a mismatch against slower big men.
Maxiell has lost some weight and his lack of height is also a problem at times. But his bullish strength allows him to be an excellent 6th man. I think that should be his role for our team.

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