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Default Re: Tyrus Thomas or Gerald Green

Gerald Green needs to develop his jumper some more obviously. He can finish on the break good, but his half court game isn't at a high level yet. Tyrus is still a little raw offensively but really showed he can make big time impacts on the game on both sides of the year. He can dunk as ferociously as Green can dunk with finesse. I really think he can produce a better than average offensive game in a year or two.
You can't honestly compare Tyrus Thomas' offensive game, which is dunking, to Gerald Green's, who has a good jumper and can take it to the rim a bit. Seriously, the better offensive player at this point is no contest, and there's no basis for you saying he'll be better in a year or two. You've given so evidence to back that up.

That said, I take Thomas, as well.

Thomas easily. If bball kept plus/minus stats, I'd bet they would reflect the Bulls were better when Ty was on the floor, and the Celtics were worse when Green was in the game.
Another woeful point. One guy played on the team with the second worst record in the league that was missing 2 of its best 3 players for most of the year. Terrible. Do you people think before you post? Ever?
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