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Originally Posted by xrvdx
At this point, rudy gay is in free agency. Should I pick him up, and if I do, who should I drop out of these players?
(6) Dirk Nowitzki PF
2. (7) Amare Stoudemire C
3. (18) Andre Iguodala SG,SF
4. (19) Josh Smith SG,SF
5. (30) Baron Davis PG
6. (31) Deron Williams PG
7. (42) Carmelo Anthony SF
8. (43) Lamar Odom SF,PF
9. (54) Emeka Okafor PF,C
10. (55) Luol Deng SG,SF
11. (66) Ricky Davis SG,SF
12. (67) Andre Miller PG
13. (78) Tyson Chandler C
14. (79) LaMarcus Aldridge PF,C
15. (90) Monta Ellis PG,SG
While I love Rudy Gay's prospects of producing this season, I don't know if I would tell you to drop anyone on that roster. Getting Monta Ellis at 90 is highway robbery. You really don't really have a need in any of the many categories that Gay contributes in.
One thing I would definitely be wary of with this team is your three point shooting. Your best 3PTM producer is Baron Davis who is a perennial injury risk and your second best is Ricky Davis. You just have an disproportional number of guards and small forwards that aren't strong three point shooters:
Smith (I recognize that he plays a lot of PF too)

I would seriously look to trade some of these guys I mentioned for players that are strong three point shooters (NOT JOSH SMITH THOUGH). If Rudy Gay is in free agency, I would seriously try to make a 2-for-1 trade and then pick up Gay.

EDIT: I just saw in the other thread that you also too Eddy Curry at #91. You still need to try a 2-for-1 trade but if you can't swing it then maybe drop Eddy Curry, although you have plenty of FT% firepower to counteract him.
You said in the other thread that the other managers basically followed the Yahoo rankings. You can use this to your advantage because the Yahoo rankings are all screwed up. There are a TON of players above 100 that should be ranked much higher. If you want some more help with doing this, just reply here. Seriously, there are a TON.

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