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Default Re: TSN Jazz Season Preview

I beg to Differ. I will agree on Andrei's Appalling season ast year and that his pouting was not Necesary. Andrei played well in his past and the only reason the Jazz were getting nowhere was because of a poor lineup. Even when Boozer came and had a first season with the Jazz they were unsucesfull.

This appeared to be the first sucesfull season for quite a while for us and i was happy with our performance overall. But how can Jerry Sloan, after starting Andrei and counting on him to get his team to the playoffs begin excluding him from his offenseive strategy after his performance for him. Is 5 years of playing for Sloan not enough to prove to him that he is one of the best players he has?? Obviously not because sloan is arrogant. Andrei wants his team to do well but right now sloan makes him feel as though he aint part of them. Russia understand that he is the best player they have and work a good strategy to him that he rebounds, shoots, gets put backs. In the new Jazz line-up he is to stand outside of the post and wait for the ball just to pass it out again or shoot a jumper (something that he needs to work on).

I think Andrei should leave the jazz for his own sake. He would make better performance away from them and Sloan who obviously cannot appreciate the player he once relied on to lead his team...
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