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Originally Posted by Vancouver-Grizz
Still a Sonic fan.

Live out in Vancouver and still try to drive down to Seattle to watch atleast 3 to 4 games a Year! We had the same situation in Vancouver with the Grizzlies and I would just hate it to see it happen to Seattle cause that is the next closes thing to NBA in Vancouver.

I say screw Oklahoma! If they are that ready for a NBA team, go after the Hornets cause there is no way New Orleans can support a full season of NBA. There is no way people in New Orleans is looking to spend their hard earned money to a NBA game when their city is still in reconstruction phase!
Try telling that to KrispyKreme0 and everyone over at in the New Orleans Forum. I think the idea of moving a team away from New Orleans is quite ludicrous. A professional team is something that can take them away from reality for a short period of time, and to take that away from them is just stupid. Then they'd just be stuck with the 0-3 Saints:)
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