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Originally Posted by dejordan
krause didn't fleece the spurs by taking rodman off their hands. he gave them a servicable back up center (who actually was helpful in them beating shaq and la in 99) and took a headcase whose antics had outgrown his usefulness. steve kerr and scottie pippen both attributed rodman's managable behavior to jordan's total domination of the lockeroom. there may not have been another team in the league that really could have handled him - though if daily was in orlando i'd have to think he could deal with the worm.

back-up center v. best rebounder in the league...hmmmm...tough choice.

Thing is, he is blamed for his "organizations win championships" line. But if we take our passion for MJ out of it, we'd realize that its correct. The Spurs are the best organization in basketball. TD is great ,but surround him with Marbury, Crawford and Ricky Davis - on paper mroe talented than Bowern, Gino, and parker - and they'd lose. Good organization.

Good organizations recognize talent andneeds and make good decisions to get those players that fill the needs. That was Krause's trading for Rodman. As an organization, he knew thatthey could handle him...only becausethe organization was strong. Because he recognized enough strong minded players to fill the locker room (not just MJ and Scottie but Kerr and Buechler - lunch pail guys who come in to do their job)

I know he and MJ didn't get on - so we all hate krause -- dude knew how to build a team.
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