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Default Re: Who's number one in the east?

Originally Posted by marny_navis
I like Boston as the best team if I needed to win a game right now, but to me the Pistons' experience may get them to the finals again, and Afflalo/Stucky provide help off the bench that they didn't have last year. My #3 in the East is Chicago, although they could certainly be placed 1 or 2. I like all three of these teams, and each would put up a battle against the West in the Finals. If I needed to pick a team that would get all the way and my life depended on it or some crazy kid would come flailing knives at me, I would probably pick Detroit, with Chicago coming in a close second. I'm not quite sure how well the Celtics will do after an exhausting season, with a playoff run that they have to make right after the season. I just don't know if they can handle it.


After seeing GS beat Dallas and the Cavs make the finals last year, there are probably 10 GM's in east thinking that IF they can just make it to the playoffs, they can go all the way.

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