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Default Preseason Opener

Well, I liked a lot of what I saw.

Not to overreact too much...but I have been waiting too long to not enjoy talking some about the first Jazz ball I have seen in a while. This game plus the summer league:

Williams, people weren't rolling like they normally do
Brewer, back in good standing with me.
Giricek, 5% body fat! The hustle should be even more swarmy this year.
Almond, good fit. He rebounded well.
Miles, starting to feel bad for the kid, his agent gave him some bad advice
Hart, guy is fast on man D, just what we want in a backup pg
AK, 4 blocks in limited minutes. Sick pass. At first I didnt think Phoenix would be better with him than Marion...I was wrong.
Milsap, not bad, where were the blocks? Otherwise good D.
Okur, he always suprises me with a some mobility.
Collins, looks skinnier
Fes, nice blocks, awkward offense. Good interviews!
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