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Default Re: What are you currently listening to?

Originally Posted by Smoke117
I'm not really into heavy metal but I really liked the 2nd half of that song.
They have a TON of great songs that are of similar style. They all usually start out slow and ominous and roll into a full head bang. Phantom and the one below (Children of the Damned) probably aren't even in their top 10 songs. I'll roll out some quality Maiden if you're interested. These guys are one of my favorite bands of the 80-90's.

Genre: Heavy Metal

He's walking like a small child
But watch his eyes burn you away
Black holes in his golden stare
God knows he wants to go home
Children of The Damned [x3]

He's walking like a dead man
If he had lived he would crucified us all
Now he's standing on his last step
He thought oblivion well it beckons us all
Children of The Damned [x3]

Now it's burning his hands he's turning to laugh
Smiles as the flame sears his flesh
Melting his face screaming in pain
Peeling the skin from his eyes
Watch him die according to plan
He's dust on the ground what did we learn

You're Children of The Damned
Your back's against the wall
You turn into the light
You're burning in the night
You're Children of The Damned
Like candles watch them burn
Burning in the light
You'll burn again tonight
Children of The Damned
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