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Default Re: In desperade need of advice

Bogans is starting and doesn't provide consistent stats. Expect him to start or be 1st off the bench with plenty of minutes. There isn't much talent in Orlando. 10 shots a game, 1-2 threes, some rebs and assists and stls. Im not a fan. He is a lowend util player.

Lowry 2nd year player with lots off competition. Younger and has more potential. Legit potential. You saw his stats last night. If you want look at this stats towards the end of last year go ahead. I stupidly took Kinsley last season and watched Lowry help my apprentice win a championship. Proud loser, i would say.

Anyhoot. Between the two i take Lowry the player with upside vs bogans the player who we know will never be a greater than a super-low end utility player in 14+ Deep leagues with 12-13 man starting rosters.

Dirk side of the deal wins. easily. Its more about Billups and Dirk. Turiaf would never make any of my teams.

Dirk is billups with more rebounds and a few less assists and more points. Stay away...or take Dirk and run.
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