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We are both probaly gonna sound like we want Denham because of the Canadian content, but thats not the case. I know for a fact Denham probaly won't ever be a superstar in the league, but he will indeed be a very solid bench player for awhile. Given the amount of times a second rounder gets picked and never sees game action in the NBA, Denham is such a solid second round pickup. If it weren't for players dripping with "potential" and "upside" being the types of players most GM's want, Denham could easily be a 23rd-30th pick in a lot of draft years. When he's hot he can shoot the lights out, he plays solid defense, he's a team guy, and has loads of experiance. He's the type of player who can step in to most teams next year and play 10-12 minutes without his team skipping a beat.
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