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Default Trade(s) advice

I am punting the assist category in order to become very strong in others. In that vein, I want to trade TJ Ford and possibly Kevin Garnett. The trade I was considering for Ford is straightup for Deng. Deng will give me a high % game with rebs at the G position as well as steals and low TO's. Is that a good idea, or is there someone else out there better than Deng at the G position for what I need.

Also, Garnett is an absolute stud, but I don't need his high # of assists because it will be in vain without any help. Thinking of trading him for Marion + 1 if possible...any ideas of what to do with an absolute beast of a fantasy player when you don't need one of the categories that makes him so good? Thanks for your help in advance. Here is my team

It is a 10 team, 9 cat, h2h league with a 3g, 3f, 1c, 2 utility setup

T.J. Ford
Ray Allen
Kevin Garnett
Rashard Lewis
David West
Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Caron Butler
LaMarcus Aldridge
Gerald Wallace
Raja Bell
Antonio McDyess
Cuttino Mobley
Daniel Gibson

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