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Default Re: Josh Smith for Baron??

Originally Posted by elz
i've had a star studded roster once and lost

there's a guy in my league that has a ton of really good names but once you break down the avg's against more balanced teams he can only beat you in 4 catergories every week. And if any of his big dogs slack off, he's screwed!

Balance is extremely important
Im sorry

as far as the harder stat lines to cover like blocks and steals
there's tons of guys in the league that come off the bench of play minimal roles you can pick up to dominate those categories

Rebounds - Reggie Evans
Blcks - Sean Williams cuz people are sleeping - I snatched Theo Ratliiff whose starting I'm the sickest in my league in blocks cuz my players are so balanced its not even funny.
Steals - Ronnie Brewer or even Paul Milsap stuffs this categories his scoring is irratic but he's also good for these random categories. And often helps FG%

You just named 3-4 players who are specialists...Milsap not so much. And nowhere to be found on the wire except maybe Sean Williams.

Josh Smith does all their work straight by himself. End of story.

Comparing rebounds to stls and blks. Weakens your arguement very much. Admiral attempt though.

PG However I've learned the hard way are the biggest challenge IMO. Asst is not a easy stat to be good at especially if your up against a top ten guy in that stat. Your filler players will even out, but the head to head PG match-ups will show how you lost that stat. If your dealing with Deron, Kidd, Nash, Billups, Ford and you don't at least have a committee of other Pg's to match up, your done! especially if your apponent has another go 2nd tier pg like a Mo Williams or Andre Miller combined with the rest of that team it's a wrap. Nash, Chris Paul and Deron by themselves can out assist and entire team and do let it be a 4 game weak, your through!

If the strategy is dominate every stat but assist, do it. But if it doesn't allow you to do that, your hurting your team, that's what I think!

Put it like this

I got Marbury, Mo Williams, Billups, Odom Iggy and Kobe
all good for 5 assist each!

but I'm up against Deron and Nash
those 2 alone are kicking my azz right now
PG's are important!

A new backup pg or old one always finds a hot week here and there. Worst case.

I stick firmly to my early arguement. Caveat. Premier pgs are hard to find...Specialists aren't.
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