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Default In CP3 We Trust,....

What does next season hold for this rising star? The numbers he had last year as a rookie, were amazing,.. How can he improve anymore,.? Is there room for improvement? Sure there is. There's always room for improvement. He can work on his 3-point shooting. That's the only thing I think, he needs to work on. If he improves that, that will open the post for D.West to operate. CP3, R. Bulter, & Peja at the 3. Chandler roaming, setting picks, cutting to the basket, etc.

I didn't like the trade because, but there's very few true centers in the league, so I guess whenever you get a chance to get one, you get him. He rebounds, blocks shots, and shoot only when he's in his range. His numbers should go up. In Chi-town, he average 24 minutes a game. In NO, he should get 33+ minutes.

I hope this off-season, Chandler should work on his post moves, jump shot up to 18 feet, and free throws. At least try to learn the driving jump hook shot. It's easy. Take 3 or 4 dribbles towards the hoop or in the lane, and jump, and shoot a hook.

Chandler, you're 7'1 & 235. You've got board, but narrow shoulders, I don't see you getting any bigger. Use your quickness and length. Chances of your hook shot getting blocked are small. If you get doubled, pass it out from where you got doubled. If you miss the shot, you're the first to know, and should be first for rebs. With all the money you making, I don't think a running jump-hook shot is too much to ask for, and develop. Otherwise, Hilton will slowly be chipping away your minutes.

CP3 is 6 feet, and getting 5 rebs a game while playing point. Cotdaymun!!! That is madness. This man comes to play every night. Not too many point guards get as many rebs a night.

Here's his stats from espn,..
PPG 16.1 | APG 7.8 | SPG 2.2 | REB 5.1

As is, I think he's perfect!! If his numbers go up, I'm gonna be freaking out!! And guess what!! I'm already there!!! I can't see why his numbers won't go up. He has a shooter in Peja to increase his assist by 2 or 3. And because of Peja, he'll get doubled less when he drives. His points might go up or down, because Peja is an all-star type of player. He's a shooter. CP3 care more about his dimes than points. I wish more point guards were that way.

Bobby Jackson is a great backup for CP3. When he's coming off the bench, you know what you're going to get. He's out to score. I think that's a good counter-opposite for a pure point.

I wish J.R. was never traded. I think he's going to blossom in Denver. Get more PT. He has the tools & talent to be above-average 2-guard. But for whatever reason, he couldn't play the way Bryon wanted.

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