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Default Re: Pistons v. Celtics

Originally Posted by theoriginal14
i know everyone talks about the big 3 of boston, but honestly i dont consider ray allen a superstar. i think he is a very good player like hamilton or prince, but not a superstar. so when people say boston has 3 superstars i dont believe it. PP and kg are supersatrs, but allen is just a very good player
Ray Allen is a superstar shooter, but in terms of an overall player, I agree. He's not quite on par with Paul Pierce and KG, though it's close. Allen is better than 85% of the players in the NBA while PP and KG are better than 90%. (Obviously this isn't a proven or researched fact. Just trying to make my point more clear)

The Pistons and Celtics are two very dynamic teams. It's way to early for me to determine the "better team". Both are fueled by their explosive style and extremely-talented players. I can't wait to see their first matchup. Should be one hell of a ride.
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