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Originally Posted by RidonKs
It isn't really a bad trade when just looking at the players involved, but why in the world would you trade a legit PG for a C, a decent backup PG and a few scrubs for another C, resign ANOTHER C, and then draft another one with the fourth pick. It defies logic. Unless they're gonna do that thing that people were mentioning earlier about packaging Magloire with Miles, in which case, I just find it weird.

I know it's kind of weird packaging Jamaal Magloire and Darius Miles, but the Ron Pivo, host of KGW Newschannel 8's Sport's Sunday said that that's what the Portland Trailblazers might do to get rid of Darius Miles.

It really doesn't make sense. This is Jamaal Magloire's final contract year so he's going to try everything to prove his worth as mentioned by bjtrdff to earn a better contract next season.

Trading away Jamaal Magloire just to get rid of Darius Miles doesn't really make sense.

By the way, the trade has just been confirmed, so it's going down.
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