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Default Re: New NFL Team Shirts Designed by Moi

Originally Posted by Nanners
Well im no expert in IP law, but I am under the impression that any kind of likeness or imagery intended to depict a NFL player or team is protected (except perhaps with the redskins as you noted). Also, the NFL is a multi-billion dollar organization with a dedicated legal team, and organizations like this usually have no problem flexing their muscles and bullying the little guy regardless of whether they actually have a case or not. While you might technically be in the clear, if they actually brought a lawsuit and you wanted to fight it you would be on the hook for at least 5 figures worth of legal fees (probably more), regardless of whether you win or lose.

Anyway my team is the seahawks, but I would be interested in other teams too if they look cool


If you make any sort of reference to JJ Watt, whether it be his name, his image, or a white stick figure wearing a generic blue and red #99 jersey, they will come down on you hard.

And they have a lot more money than you do.

That's why I say... if this is legit, and these look good, and are unique, I might be able to make you a boatload of money.
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