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Thumbs down this is...*** off!

Year after year it's the same thing...

"Oooh the Luxury Tax is going to hurt us."


The Maloofs build a brand new resort in Vegas and they don't even want to build an arena here. They are rich and don't want to pay most of the dues...Kings will be in Las Vegas in 3 it.

Anyways, I went off track there. Hopefully Muss will bring in more of a defensive attitude and motivate guys to actually play hard. Play some serious D all the time and trust your teammates...I know Adelman never trusted his players...he never gave the guys off the bench a chance the past 2 years.

Good thing Bonzi got injured because Kevin Martin would've never cracked his shell with Adelman there.

I really didn't like Adelman. Bring us home Muss.

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