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Oh yeah, Mitch Kramer?
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Default I'm just reading Cooz's book right now.

"On the Mystique of the Celtics" or something like that. It's a pretty cool read, if only for his asides. There's one about Al Bianci, who was an assistant coach on Phoenix in '76, who has a championship ring that says "Suns 1976 World Champions" and then engraved on the inside it reads, "Fuck you, Richie Powers," who was reffing one of those games and when Silas called for a timeout with none left he didn't give it to him because it was OT and he wanted the game to end the right way and not on a tech FT, and Boston ended up winning the game and the series in 7. I had to laugh because it would just be like a Phoenix fan around here to get a faux championship ring made up.

Other stuff I found interesting was when he's talking about Russell and how he was just a deuchebag when it came to signing autographs...wouldn't do it for anyone, no way, no how. His tone is kind of interesting, it's a mix of admiration and respect for Bill meshed with desparaging. It really feels like he thought Russ was a great player but didn't really particularly care for him. He goes on to talk about how Russell hated practice and would just sit in the bleachers through it sometimes.

Also talks about Wilt in a very negative manner; pretty much refers to him as a stat player, individualistic, who made those around him worse. He ends the chapter by saying something like "Wilt got the scoring records, but Bill got 11 championships in 13 years, and it's not by chance." Basically saying he'd take Russ all day every day in a landslide over Wilt.

Pretty interesting stuff. You guys should give it a read if you get a chance someday.
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