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Default Re: Would you give Shaq away for free, if you could?

Originally Posted by miamisole
This trade scenario if Miami wants to rebuild through free agency 4&teams=29~14~14~14~14~14~14&te=&cash=

Miami could actually deal him to the Memphis Grizzles.

This trade would make sense for both teams.

Memphis would get a center, and this would free up the log jam at the different positions they are having.

Memphis has 3 starting PGs, 3 starting PFs, 2 starting SF.

Memphis starting roster
PG - Mike Conley Jr.
SG - Juan Carlos Navarro
SF - Rudy Gay
PF - Pau Gasol
C - Shaq O'Neal
6th man - Darko Milcic
7th man - Damon Stoudamire

Memphis can interchange at the PG position becuase Conley is just only a rookie, so putting in a veteran like Stoudamire is insurance.
Also Memphis can go big and play Gay at SG and Darko at SF.

If Miami wants to rebuild the team through trade with All-Star caliber players 3~614~933~25~61~556&teams=23~23~23~14~23~14~23~29~ 23~14~14~14&te=&cash=

Sacramento gets cap relief and can rebuild their team around their young core.
Memphis gets a good center to offset their log jam at all their other positions
Miami gets a solid well rounded team, two 3pt shooters to come off the bench, and a high energy rebounding machine

Miami lineup:
PG - Mike Bibby
SG - Dwayne Wade
SF - Ron Artest
PF - Udonis Haslem
C - Brad Miller
6th Man - Mike Miller
7th Man - Daequan Cook
8th Man - Dorell Wright
9th Man - Mark Blount

No offense, but those trades are not very good. Memphis has no need for Shaq, and I think you're overvaluing him a bit much. Not much of a shot at either of those happening.
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