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Default Heart & reward

You're right, but to help compliment that heart and nucleus we have we need to have a lights out shooter to help lift up the Nuggets' spirits and get them easy points when they have been working so hard.

Originally Posted by Benjithonious
Okay, I'm new to this forum, but I've been reading a lot of the opinions posted here and I have to say that I'm shocked by the overwhelming lack of loyalty the nuggets fans have for their players here. I realize that many people posting here aren't nugs fans and simply want to stir the pot, but for those of you claiming to be Nuggets fans, I ask you to take one more look at this team and realize all that we have going for us.

After a disappointing season, its natural to want your team to make some changes, but let's truly examine the situation:

1. We underachieved last year because of inconsistancy due to injuries.

2. If we come out healthy this year (Camby, Nene, Martin, etc.), even with the roster we have right now, without any trades, we win the Northwest Division and make the second round of the playoffs.

3. Trading away players like Miller, Boykins, Najera, etc. is in general a terrible idea unless we could somehow gather a marquee player like Iverson or a lights out three point shooter in return.

3a. These types of roll players who have tons of heart are what make
a decent team great. They have a lot of value here in Denver as well as around the league, and should not just be treated as bargaining chips.

4. We don't need to trade the foundation of our team for some washed up veteran second-tier talent with a bloated ego to become a contender. All we really need (if we stay healthy) is to cultivate a unity with the players we have, a perimeter shooter, and maybe a year or two.
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