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Default Mitch Kupchak is not a good GM!!

For those who say that he is a underrated GM. News Flash!
He is not .

This is the guy that traded one of the best centers ever and did not get
a single all star for his team.
He got a pothead inconsistent player who often disapeers in games while being blessed with great skills (Odom). And other player with great potential named Caron Butler. He then traded Butler , who would make the all star game two seasons later , for one of the biggest busts in NBA history : Kwame Brown , also know as Butter Fingers and Wussy.

For those who praise him for drafting Bynum , know that Bynum was Jimmy Buss personal project, not Kupchak.

He made some good draft choices though with Turiaf and Farmar.

Don't forget tha he spent the MLE in three straight seasons with the following players : a 100 year old Divac, a 70 year old Mckey and the Snowboard space cadet (Radmanovich).

**** Kupchak!!!
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