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i would like to see how jaric and hudson perform b4 we just throw one away unless we can ensure foye can play a good backup pg...i mean hudson is pretty good coming off the bench for instant offense, but i think foye will be a lot better...though if we can get a good player for hudson, i would trade him in a heartbeat. hudson was having a pretty good year b4 his injury...i think we would of made the playoffs easily if he would of been their as a backup or starting pg. he's offense, he can get shots up quick....very streaky though. this season is lookin pretty good. i mean last year we were going to make the playoffs until that trade happened. everybody thought we were a close lock for the playoffs in the beginning. now we can gain the chemistry needed to play this season in training camp and everybody will play better as a unit. once mccants comes back we can mix it up so that we have 3 players that can shoot the 3 pointer that including davis although not the best percentage on davis. i hope james can put up numbers like he did last year. based on effiency, we have a player in james that is just as good as ricky davis but a totally different player....which is good. they cant double team davis or garnett as easily when theyre hot because we have james and mccants hitting three's and hopefully foye can do the slash game. we are also going to be one of the best free throw shooting teams in the league with all of our starters shooting at 80%...depending on wether blount is our starter or not. not to mention that our defense will be top notch, we have a whole bunch of defensive threats, people who are known for defense....we have davis, hassell, garnett and griffin...griffin has 2 blocks per game and was #10 in rebounds per 48 minutes. this all looks good on paper, but the fact camp has to go well and mccants has to make a healthy and eventful return along with chemistry having to be made....ALSO WE NEED TO GET RID OF HUDSON IF HE'S GOING TO CAUSE BAD KARMA...HE'S REALLY BEING A ****
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